EXCLUSIVE: Charles Bronson planning boxing fight ‘comeback’ with Tyson Fury when he leaves prison

Britain’s most violent prisoner wants to make a boxing comeback when he’s freed – with the help of world champ Tyson Fury.

Charles Bronson, 70, has kept fit during 47 years in jail and told his ex “fighting just one man would be like eating beans on toast”.

A promoter is said to have offered a six-figure sum and Bronson hopes to use his winnings as a deposit on a seaside cottage.

He now plans to get in touch with reigning WBC heavyweight champion Fury, a former pen pal, to brush up on his skills. Ex-wife Irene Dunroe said the armed robber and jail brawler revealed his ambition in a call from Woodhill prison in Milton Keynes, Bucks.

She added: “Charlie told me he agreed to a £100,000 comeback fight. He said ‘It’s honest money and getting in the ring with one person is like eating beans on toast’.”

In one of his short stints outside jail in the 80s Bronson had a brief career as a bare-knuckle fighter.

Irene said: “How many will have the guts to get in a ring with Charlie? While he has a notorious reputation for violence, he’s very disciplined and hard to beat.”

Bronson, who once covered himself with butter to make it harder for 12 warders to restrain him when he attacked them, claims to have turned over a new leaf and hopes to be released next year.

Irene, 70, from Cheshire, revealed he also has another dream – singing on Britain’s Got Talent. He is even considering a duet with ex-gangster Dave Courtney.

Irene said: “He has such a lovely voice.”