Christmas Day bank holiday moved from December 25 to a new date for 2022

The Christmas Day bank holiday this year has been moved from December 25 to a new date.

If the celebratory day falls on weekend as it does this year when it falls on a Sunday, an alternative day becomes a bank holiday instead.

It is therefore scheduled to happen on December 27, the day which follows Boxing Day. instead of December 25.

The New Year’s bank holiday will happen on January 2.

This is because Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are not bank holidays.

Employers are not required to give their employees bank holidays off and this may affect the way your benefits are paid.

Here is a complete list of all the remaining bank holidays for this year, and the bank holidays for 2023.


  • Monday, December 26 – Boxing Day
  • Tuesday, December 27 – Christmas Day (substitute day)


  • Monday, January 2 (New Year’s Day – substitute)
  • Friday, April 7 (Good Friday)
  • Monday, April 10 (Easter Monday)
  • Monday, May 1 (Early May bank holiday)
  • Monday, May 29 (Spring bank holiday)
  • Monday, August 28 (Summer bank holiday)
  • Monday, December 25 (Christmas Day)
  • Tuesday, December 26 (Boxing Day)

The news of the Christmas Bank Holiday comes after a Tory Cabinet minister threw his weight behind making King Charles’ coronation day a bank holiday.

No date has been confirmed for when that Charles will be crowned at Westminster Abbey, though it is widely expected to be at the start of June next year.

The Mirror reported this could be around June 2 – 70 years to the day after his mother was crowned.

Charles ascended to the throne immediately after the Queen died on September 8 but the official coronation takes place months later.

This event is expected to be a large-scale celebration. Now Mr Rees-Mogg has suggested it could be a bank holiday like it was for when the Queen was crowned.

The Business Secretary – who is responsible for bank holidays, told the Daily Telegraph: “The coronation is an important symbolic act with constitutional resonance about the stability of our system.

“To have a day off for that is perfectly reasonable, and the effect on growth will not be enormous”.

Ministers have not yet started formal discussions about whether to make the day a bank holiday. A government source said: “Whenever there’s a decision about a special bank holiday, there’s always a debate about the benefits versus the costs.

“I expect we would start making a decision on it in the next couple of weeks.”

The short notice, one-off bank holiday to allow workers to watch the Queen’s state funeral sparked a backlash after some NHS appointments were cancelled.

But despite 150,000 people backing a petition, No10 has said there are “no plans” to institute a permanent annual bank holiday in honour of Elizabeth II.