Baby found alone inside car at 10pm as parent popped into Asda for ‘two minutes’

Police are investigating after a “distressed” baby was found alone inside a vehicle with its alarm sounding in the carpark of Asda at 10pm.

The infant, thought to be aged between nine and 15 months, was spotted by another shopper in a nearby car at Wolstanton Retail Park in Staffordshire.

The concerned customer notified security at the supermarket and an announcement was made over the tannoy to find the parent. Staffordshire Police was also called shortly after 10pm on Wednesday, October 5.

The customer claims the parent arrived a short time later and claimed he’d been in the store for “two minutes”, StokeonTrentLive reports.

In a post on social media, the man who found the youngster in the car, said: “I witnessed something so disgusting. I went shopping at Asda, Wolstanton.

“When I returned to my car the car in a space next to me had its alarm going off. I looked inside and could see a child, roughly aged nine to 15 months at a guess, in the back of the car strapped in and alone. The child was in the back right passenger seat.

“The child was distressed with the alarm going, an iPad or similar tablet on its lap. I went back to store asking for a call out to get the parent out.

“As a security guard and myself returned back to the car the parent turned up. I asked what he thought he was doing leaving a child of that age in the car.

“His response was that he was only in the store for two minutes. I explained that two seconds is too long to leave a child of such a young age in a car alone. What if something happened?

“His response, I have cameras on the car. So yes of course a camera is going to stop your child from choking if she was to be sick or stop a car thief or child abductor who could access her in a second. His response, well she could be snatched from me in store.

“How can you speak with such a deluded, arrogant and purely stupid individual. I left the interaction at that as a conversation with such a f***wit I am not capable of.”

Police said an investigation into the incident had been launched.

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: ” Police were called at 10.30pm on Wednesday, October 5 to reports a baby had been left alone in a car at Asda in Wolstanton. Enquiries are ongoing.”